According to a survey conducted by Reel SEO, 93% of marketers use videos in their digital marketing strategy. And interestingly, 84% of marketers use videos for website marketing. Such numbers indicate that video marketing has positive impact on improving an organization’s presence. 2017 was declared the year of video marketing. But what’s in store for 2018? Live video marketing!

Prospects are drawn to live videos. Live video marketing is more than a powerful trend. For all intents and purposes, it’s a must have strategy to get ahead of competition, create compelling content, build loyal fan base and gain tremendous traction. Here’s a brief run-down on what you should know.


Use new video formats:

No doubt, the internet is inundated with videos. Customers are no longer interested in ordinary videos. They are interested in creative videos. This is where live video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope come into picture. Another trend which is hard to ignore is the emergence of ephemeral videos. Celebrities, influencers and models are using Snapchat and Instagram to generate ephemeral videos.

Temporary visual content is expected to saturate the web in the upcoming years. And as for live video marketing, 360 degree live videos are gaining momentum in 2018. This case study by Magnifyre reveals that quite a good number of viewers watched the 360 degree video to completion.

Video storytelling is giving amazing returns to businesses. The onus is on businesses to create compelling narratives. The key is to establish an emotional association with prospects.

Understand the recipe for creating the best live videos:

The recipe for creating engaging videos doesn’t change every year. It’s simple. You should understand the pain points of your customers and provide a feasible solution. You should be successful in building trust. And hey, you should inspire them to share your videos.

Forward thinking business can learn from how Space X uses live videos to create tremendous buzz on its historic milestones. When it comes to breaking industry news and live broadcasting rockets launch into space, Space X is arguably the best.

Does it impact Elon Musk’s reputation if there are small glitches in live feeds? No! People know that live broadcasting of a rocket being launched into space is extremely challenging. But yes, they do expect glitch-free recorded videos.

Your product need not be as awesome and exciting as Space X’s Falcon. But the key is to provide in-detail product descriptions and delight your audiences.


Do live explainer videos:

Live explainer videos should be concise. Done right, live explainer videos can remarkably increase your brand presence. They help your prospects understand the benefits and advantages of your products and services.

People often ask me this question – What’s the ideal length of an effective live explainer video? There is no industry standard. It depends to a very large extent on the complexity of products. It’s good to go with a video whose length is anywhere between 60 and 100 seconds. Anything less than 60 seconds is of little use.

Successful live explainer videos have great sales scripts. Below are a few words of wisdom.

Your sales script shouldn’t exceed 250 words. Concisely and precisely state how your product addresses industry problems. Don’t compromise on video quality. Last but not the least, simplicity in live explainer videos is desirable. Do not complicate and confuse. It will be counter-productive!

Use live stories to enamor audiences:

A lot of credit should be given to Snapchat for introducing the concept of stories in 2013. By all means, ‘stories’ concept became an instant hit. Soon, other popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., introduced stories. Such copy-cat mechanisms intensified competition.

In 2018, expect brands to do live short stories to grab eye balls.

Story creation is easier said than done. Stories should be authentic. If you are looking to create a brand story, ensure that it is associated with a central theme. You should be able to eloquently articulate the purpose of your organization. As mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs, build an emotional appeal. Emotional appeal can be used to forge long-lasting relationships. Once you build an emotional connect, pricing doesn’t matter much.

Do not make the strategic mistake of alienating customers from your brands. Sometimes, the story we tell may not resonate well with prospects. Build a narrative which inculcates a sense of belonging in your target group.

Leverage behind – the – scenes footage:

It’s a good strategy for brands to showcase their human side. Audiences love behind- the – scenes footage. Don’t believe me?

In 2016, Dunkin Donuts took the initiative of hosting a live tour of its facilities. The video covers short episodes of interviews with staff experts. Undoubtedly, the donut factory is a treat to watch. Right from laying out dough to decorating donut cakes, a staff member explains every step in the process of donut creation. If you observe the video carefully, you will realize that the staff member has been working for the company for the past 41 years.

This is a personal milestone. It subtly conveys a very powerful message – Dunkin Donuts values its employees. It’s a trustworthy brand.

Curious to elevate your brand presence? Leverage live video marketing to showcase behind-the-scenes footage.

Create a buying frenzy:

Are you keen on drastically boosting your sales? Create a buying frenzy!

How do you create it? There are many answers. To begin with, build brand exclusivity.

Let me ask you a follow-up question – How do you build brand exclusivity? Let’s learn from the master- Chevrolet. As a part of its winning strategy, Chevrolet used Facebook live to whip audiences into a buying frenzy. Its chairperson articulated his thoughts on sustainability and urbanization. He explained the purpose of electric cars and promoted CES 2016.

The exclusive tribe of Chevrolet owners were delighted.

Now that you are familiar with the importance of live video marketing, get yourself professional live streaming software that can help you deliver results. Purchase that software which helps you create great video experiences and drive sales.

Founds this post useful and informative? Keep watching this space for more insights on live video marketing. If you have any queries, shoot them in the comments. I shall reply to the best of my capacity. Cheers to 2018!