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Church live streaming gives pastors, priests, nuns, monks, and laypeople the freedom to spread the message of love, hope, and solace that Christianity offers across the globe.  Running a pastoral church service is mainly dependent on the generous contributions of people of faith and kindred souls.  So, as a pastor and so on, you will be hunting for extra funds.  Also, the brave message of Jesus may have survived even after 2000 years but is also manipulated, so people do get disillusioned.  With your own church live streaming and pastoral church service offline, you can not only spread the resilient message of Jesus but also to the dedicated service with the much-needed funds.

Live Stream Church Service

Live stream church service, so that you can boldly spread the message of Jesus far and wide.  Some people among a faith group such as the elderly, parents with babies and people living far from a parish may prefer to watch a live stream church service.  The very devout and religious-minded among them will at least feel that they have not missed out with a live stream church service.  At StreamHash, we provide powerful and dynamic software to help you do church live streaming effectively.  You can conduct sermons, prayer meetings, Bible discussions, interactive church services, teach gospel music, conduct Sunday school and offer all sorts of empowering courses from programming, art to public speaking and health & fitness as a service to your congregation.

All you need is a professional camera, a PC, and a good internet connection.  You can discuss your spiritual vision freely as a pastoral group and so on with StreamHash, and we will make available turnkey video streaming platform to live stream church services online at an affordable price.  You can share the streaming on Facebook and all social media channels.  Just like Barack Obama whose experience included being a community organizer for churches and who was very active online, if the brave struggle of Jesus Christ inspires you, then you can go online and also organize live church streaming. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to do church live streaming.  We will be happy to help you out with setting up your own church live streaming service. 

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